Wow Capital looks to combine expertise to focus on capturing the potential of private equity in Mexico. Our investment team has successfully executed multiple transactions in Mexico, Latin America, and the USA, building both large multinational corporations and start-up companies, and maintaining a broad network of business owners and management professionals in Mexico.

We focus on growth-stage investments where our operational expertise and capital enhance the potential of our target companies. Our successful approach to making both minority and majority investments in Mexico, as well as our track record of building strong partnerships with business owners and managers, provides us with a wider range of promising opportunities. Moreover, Mexico's robust economy and growing international competitiveness project a positive outlook for investors.


Mexico presents a large and growing economy that is undergoing substantial modernization. Key events over the past two decades, such as the opening up of the economy and the approval of the USMCA (formerly NAFTA), have been fundamental first steps in laying the groundwork for sustainable growth. With the new Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement and the prospect of economic reforms, we expect to capitalize on Mexico's manufacturing competitiveness to generate attractive GDP growth.


Wow Capital's goal is to achieve non-systematic double digit returns by pursuing a growth strategy, "buy and build" through privately negotiated investments in companies with primary operations in Mexico. Wow Capital acquires significant influential minority positions and controlling stakes in portfolio companies. This may include providing some liquidity to founding shareholders. By investing in minority positions, the fund will seek to as certain contractual rights that will benefit in achieving a negotiated path to an exit. Investments will typically range between $17 and $55 million.

The key elements of our value creation strategy includ:

Creating successful partnerships.

We ensure for you as our investor the alignment of common interests and values, negotiate a significant role with various exit options, and commit the company to a common vision that aligns with our interests.

Financial, legal, and process audit.

We use top firms for accounting, legal, and tax due diligence. We generate a social and environmental diligence strategy that is key in the current environment. With our wide selection of potential partners, we validate the fundamentals and risks of the business with our network of industry experts and the Strategic Advisory Board.

We install management teams using the best specialized consultants in the sector.

The essence of success is in choosing the right people and aligning with the necessary resources. We leverage the wide network of successful professionals that are part of our ecosystem and define ideal compensation plans that stimulate creativity and effort in the value creators/people

Diversification and synergy strategy.

We try to invest in companies that have synergy in their final product, their supply chain, as well as target markets, which helps us generate an attractive portfolio for a wide universe of investors, not only from private equity but also from specialized funds in mergers and acquisitions, as well as venture capital funds focused on startups.