Growth Equity

Growth Equity is a central element of Wow Capital's growth strategy. The objective of Growth Equity investment activities is to find privately-held companies with the potential to grow rapidly and make significant minority investments in them. As an interactive investor, we aim to help these companies improve their value to achieve above-average market returns.

Our goal is to find growing companies operating in markets that are large enough and have the opportunity to leverage their innovative services and solutions both in Mexico and internationally. Our investment criteria also includes professional and committed management, innovative products/services, a proven business plan, growing revenues, significant market potential, and a unique competitive advantage.

The aim is to significantly increase the value of these growing companies through long-term ownership, typically lasting 4 to 7 years, and ultimately provide above-average risk-adjusted returns to our shareholders.

Analysis and Consulting

Financial and Corporate Valuation, SWOT Analysis.


TRIZ Analysis, Blue Ocean Strategy, Palantir, and PowerBI.


Acquisition of machinery or competitors, industrial park facilities, corporate growth, etc.


Standardized policies and protocols in Ethereum, CRM, ERP, SAP, and SalesForce. GTCO Cyber security